Dream Exposed

Dream Has An EVil TWIN!


The World Wide Known "guy" dream, has made an effect on all children world wide.
But Little do you know. He has a twin.

The Crimes

As of recordings from 2005, Dark Dream (Dreams Twin Brother) has been sent to jail 15 times. Why he has been sent to jail, little is known why. Some people believe that his jail time is due to his weird behavoir around senoir citizens. There have beenn many complaints from the senoirs of the area about them being stalked by a scary version of dream. this could just be dream immitating his brother, but most point there finger towards dark dream. Little proof is given. On April 13th, 2001, A olderly women ran into the local police station.
"At first it looked like dream, and I though, Hey I want his autograph. But When I got closer, I noticed he looked a bit funny. His eyes were very much read. So I decieded to ask, Are you alright. But he didn't give me a responce he just smiled. Thats when I started to run becouse this wasn't dream, It was evil dream.", stated betty.
But E.Dream has done other things than just stalk the elderly. E.Dream has also been documented to steal money from charities. In March of 1999, E.Dream has been documented to have stolen around 13,000 dollars from the "MenBaldingCrimesAssocation". It is assumed he has taken this money by hacking the bank account of the charity. We assume he has abtained these skills threw his brothers ability to hack MINECRAFT. Why the "MenBaldingCrimesAssocation", no one truly knows why.

The Creation

The next biggest question is where did E.Dream come from. So people beleive he isnt human. Others believe he was born with a disability. Very luttle think he was born with specila powers. SO to prove this we got scientist to study the creater E.Dream. We got a skin cell of evil dream and the scientist will study the DNA. The scientist Pj Probect Sr. states that evil dream is a man made creation. Probect had drawn the image above for detalied look at what might of happend. It been though that E.Dream isn't justb a clone but actually is dark matter merged with Dream's DNA. So scientist wanted to experiment with this and created a Dream and blueberry cross-breed. Image shown below. The scientist had discoverd that E.Dreams DNA is able be cross-bred with any species. This revolutionary discovery can change the world forever.

Where Is He Now

Created by Wheat Heinzkechup Jr.